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Saving Data While Visiting Other Websites

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Understanding Namespaces with Struts2

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We'll understand the concept of namespaces when mapping Struts 2 actions. We'll configure a namespace, and also understand the default "/" namespace

HTML5 Transformations

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Android based tablet

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This video is intended to demonstrate what to expect when using an Android based tablet. I share some contrasts to the Apple iPad 2 to fully understand what Google offers.

Starting the Rectangle Class

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978 Views0 Comments Ask me all questions there as well as view source code for the tutorials!

How to install Ruby on Windows? (Ruby on Rails series -part 2)

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Install Cygwin ( Cygwin is a Linux -like environment for Windows. Open Cygwin setup and select "VIM" package to install an editor Select "git" version control system Select "curl" from "Net" Ins...

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Simply Elegant Text Effect

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Sometimes simplicity is beauty in itself. That's the very idea demonstrated in this week's tutorial: Simply Elegant Text Effect! I apologize, I though that Typograph Pro was a font that is available for free on the...

Symfony 2 tutorials – Develop with Symfony 2 and Twitter Bootstrap [Part 4]

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In part 3 we looked at a basic controller with an even more basic template. But in the real world you will more than likely want to use a web framework to speed up your development - enter Twitter Bootstrap, or just B...

All you need to know about Symfony 2

Added by 4 years ago

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We will look at all the files and folders that are downloaded with the default install, and what they all mean. This is a very high level overview of MVC (Model View Controller) and is designed more to give you an...

CakePHP – Model validation

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Form Validation is a vital assignment in any online application, its likewise an amazingly dull, monotonous and redundant errand yet with Cakephp you can chop down the time and exertion you use accepting your structur...

What’s HTML5? What’s new about html5?

Added by 5 years ago

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The future has arrived, Html5. Welcome to the very first video on html5 tutorial In this video i will show you - What html5 is - A little history - What's new about html5 and more It's a set of 20 video tutoria...

Getting started with HTML5

Added by 5 years ago

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I teach how to create an HTML document and start writing HTML 5 code. The points I teach in this tutorial are: - starting tags - font tag DOWNLOAD Notepad ++ for windows or MAC at: ...

The next Steve Jobs

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Fourteen-year-old programmer and software developer Santiago Gonzalez might just be the next Steve Jobs. He already has 15 iOS apps to his name and dreams of designing for Apple. At age 12, Santiago became a full-time...

Netbeans Android SDK Tutorial

Added by 5 years ago

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A quick guide on getting the Android SDK up and running with Netbeans. Links Android SDK: Plugin (Put URL into netbeans):

How to become a good programmer?

Added by 5 years ago

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Idan Cohen, a technology entrepreneur is talking about being a good programmer. He thought that being a good programmer means: Doing the code very very fast (especially in Front-end design). Make the code workin...

Do you know MySQL or PostgreSQL?

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It's easier to make a pie out of apples, and it takes less equipment to juice an orange. Come to think of it that's pretty close to the comparison at hand, which is that you'd rationally choose Postgres for building c...

Using the predefined workflows in SharePoint

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Workflow is sometimes described as a series of tasks that produce an outcome. In the context of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies, workflow is defined more narrowly as the automated movement of documents ...

Dave and Dana to present CiviCRM and WordPress

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Have a WP installation and want to have a CRM inside? In this video Dave gives an intro to CiviCRM and Dana gives a quick overview of what CiviCRM & WordPress can produce together.

How to create a mobile application with Adobe PhoneGap

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Mark Lassoff is demonstrating to in this excercise proper methodologies to utilize Adobe Phonegap Build to make a Html5 application for cell phones. Adobe Phonegap Build permits you to include code and it will yie...

How to add background images in a JSF application

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How to add background images in a JSF application

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