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SharePoint overview

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This web development overview explores what SharePoint is and how it works. Watch more at

SharePoint Basics Introduction

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SharePoint 2013 is the latest iteration of the collaboration platform tool, and it comes revamped with new features that add social media capabilities while easing the overall user experience. Microsoft pushed for ...

SharePoint 2013 Basics

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What is new in SharePoint 2013? 1. SharePoint 2013 provides a new way of working together and collaborating in the work place. 2. The Apps model with highly expanded CSOM (Client Side Object Model) and REST API....

DotNetNuke Basic administration

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Starting with DotNetNuke 6.1, when you do a fresh install of DotNetNuke you get one account created for you, the HOST (superuser) account, this video shows how you can go about creating an Administrator (or multiple) ...

Using the predefined workflows in SharePoint

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What are workflows? Workflow is the automated movement of documents or items through a sequence of actions or tasks that are related to a business process. Workflows can be used to consistently manage common busin...

Excel Services in SharePoint 2013

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One of the nice new features of Excel Services now available in SharePoint 2013 is ability to interact with pivot tables directly from the browser without having to open the workbook in Excel. Here we have a PivotTabl...

DotNetNuke Skinning

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This is a free and recorded DNN series. In this video you'll see: What is a DNN Skin What is a DNN container What are Token and why they are used for Other skining trucs

How to work with Web Parts in SharePoint

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Some filter Web Parts filter data automatically and other filters enable people viewing a page to enter values or select values from a list. Filter Web parts are designed to work with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysi...

Overview of DNN Evoq

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Web content management system (CMS) DNN (the web CMS formerly known as DotNetNuke) has now announced DNN Evoq, a suite of applications to integrate social functionality into websites. DNN Evoq features a web-based u...

Workflows for SharePoint Designer

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With Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, you can design workflows that add application logic to your site or application without having to write custom code. Using the Workflow Designer, you create rules that a...

Introduction to DNN Evoq CMS

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DNN Evoq™ Content, formerly known as DotNetNuke® Professional Edition, is a business solution that helps bring your website to life with captivating content and engaging interactions. Users can add and edit content th...

Using the predefined workflows in SharePoint

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Workflow is sometimes described as a series of tasks that produce an outcome. In the context of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies, workflow is defined more narrowly as the automated movement of documents ...

Overview of Microsoft.Net technologies

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In this video tutorial, I'll teach you: What's .Net technology? What's Console, Window, Web .Net application What's the difference between C# & C#.Net? What's the difference between VB# & Vb.Net?

SharePoint: Features, Delivery and Development

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It was more than 10 years ago when AIS first began to explore and envision the idea of using SharePoint as an application development platform. Although Office was a great product to author content, it did not provide...

Create your first C# program

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In this video tutorial, I'm trying to show you how to build a C# application using Notepad and the C~command line compiler. Next, I'll use an IDE (Visual Studion or C# express) to show you how hard it would be to w...

SharePoint 2013 overview

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Last week, I spoke at the DogFood Conference 2012 in Columbus, OH on the topic of InfoPath, as well as on the new development features in SharePoint 2013. The DogFood Conference was a great event, with over 90 differe...

ASP.Net MVC and WebForms introduction

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In this video, I'm trying to show you what is MVC and why should you use it? What's the difference between ASP.Net MVC and WebForms? ASP.NET Web Forms ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET Web Forms uses Page control...

SharePoint 2010 – Getting Started

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For almost a year, I’ve been working with SharePoint Online (SPO) and cloud integration. I’ve found that the latest version of SPO provides many new capabilities and more flexibility for developers who want to create ...

Create your first ASP.Net MVC website

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I'm trying in this part of ASP.Net series to create a Hello world application. You'll learn about routes, models, views and controllers. Now the only prerequisite I have for following along are: Visual Studio 2010 i...

SharePoint foundation 2010 and SharePoint server 2010

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The Major difference between the both of the SharePoint versions is SP Foundation is free and for SP Server you need to pay the license cost. You won't find following features in Foundation edition. Bussiness in...

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