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Managing Constituent Relationships are all about data. Who, what, when, where and we know why. Getting your membership data into CiviCRM is fast and easy. CiviCRM can take your Comma Separated Value (CSV) data and import directly into the CiviCRM database. Just map your fields to the CiviCRM fields and import. You can even save the field mapping for later imports that have the same format saving time and possible errors. This can be especially handy if there are multiple organizers bringing in membership data.
There is duplicate handling for records built in, with 4 choices of how you can handle duplicated records (skip, update, fill and no duplicate checking). There are also multiple date formats to choose from. After mapping the fields you get a preview of the data. And when you are done importing there is a summary of what actions have been taken. More good reasons for making CiviCRM your Constituent Relationship Management System.


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