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NAO was already using an old CiviCRM version 2.2 and Drupal version 6 install. Korlon LLC was contacted by NAO to helping to fix a schema error during an upgrade. During a company-wide rebranding effort months later, Korlon was hired to handle the website creation as well as implement a new CiviCRM install with version 3.2.

The planning phase was extensive. We focused mainly on interviews with key staff members to understand how they handle their tasks. The data was all-important: how they collect it, edit it, and want to display it. We reviewed several use cases. We talked about how they do things now, how they have done things in the past, and how they would like to do things in the future. In the past, the staff had not been trained how to use CiviCRM, so the data had become messy and difficult.

Our efforts focused on using CiviCRM in a way that made sense with their processes. It wasn’t always easy. The staff was highly technical with big expectations. In the end, the staff got most of what they wanted, but also made some compromises. Several decisions were made considering software maintenance as well as budget; we decided we would attempt to keep custom coding to a minimum.
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