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I was recently invited to implement CiviCRM for a non-profit organisation. I have been involved with this organisation since it was founded and provided advice and assistance on IT over the last three years.

Researching the installation requirements of CiviCRM and noting that it had only been tested on Linux/Apache/Drupal etc, I looked at the possibility of replacing the local Windows XP Server with CentOS. Several days later I concluded that while the replacement of the file/print server on the network with a Linux box would provide more functionality and better compatibility with CiviCRM, the learning-curve and the ongoing support and troubleshooting issues of the new system would be difficult for the full-time employees (having never used any Linux).

This left me with the decision to attempt the entire installation and configuration of CiviCRM on Microsoft IIS 5.1 (with Windows XP). This guide should hopefully consolidate the Q&A of other administrators in the same position

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