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Before Starting, I recommend setting this video to “Widescreen” for better visuals.

Im gonna do a Weekly Flash tutorial thing where I’ll teach you pretty much everything I know. So many people have asked so here it is.

(Also, if you dont learn what you were hoping, there is bound to be more so just wait patiently till next sunday.)

What you will Learn:

-setting up Workspace
– Basic Flash buttons
-Hotkey Tips


F4: removes Workspace boarders and modules
F5: Inserts Frame
F6: Inserts Keyframe
F7: inserts Clearframe
F8: Creates Symbol

Tips by the viewers:
RubberRoss :Oh by the way, the shading can be drawn with paintbrush and look fine. You just have to set your paintbrush mode to “paint inside”, rather then “normal”. Give it a try, it works great.

GeorgeLRockwell87: To select more stuff, you can click one selection, hold shift and click another, and so on.

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