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Hey guys! This is the third video in the Create a Website Series/Project. This is a Dreamweaver Tutorials for Beginners all the way up for advanced users. Today we are creating a Rollover Navigation Menu using HTML5 and CSS3.

We begin with the standard tags html, head and body.
html tag: This tells the browser what language we speak, and everything in the website is wrapped inside it.
head tag: This tells the browser information about the website that the visitor wouldn’t see ie. Where the stylesheet is.
body tag : All our content is in here ie. What a user will see.
header tag: Contains your logo etc.
nav tag: Holds your navigation.
ul tag: Unordered list.
Li Tag: Listed item.

All of the coding will be done in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, but you do not need this version or any paid software to follow along. It will be coded by hand.
ie. Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CS3, Notepad, Notepad++ etc will all work.

There are many parts to this series so you can follow along on each step.

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Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial for beginners and Rollover navigation tutorial.



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