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Welcome to this new Struts 2 tutorial, I’ll try to show you how you can develop a Struts 2 Login Form.

Step 1: Create a new dynamic project.

Step 2: Add the struts 2 library in the lib directory of the dynamic web application.

Step 3: Add the Struts 2 filter in the web.xml file.

Step 4: Copy the struts.xml file from downloaded source code into the src directory of the web application.

Step 5: Create the index.jsp file in the WebContent folder.

Step 6: Copy login.jsp and loginsuccess.jsp from the download source code into the dynamic web application.

Step 7: Copy action Java into the project

Step 8: Deploy and test the application on the server from the Eclipse Helios IDE.

* You can download source code from here:


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