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1. Install Eclipse and database

  1. Download JDK and install it
  2. Download Eclipse from eclipse.organd extract the zip file.
  3. Download db-derby database from Apache Derby website
  4. Download Hibernate from

2. Create the first Hibernate project

  1. From Eclipse go to File->New->Java project
  2. Enter the project name

3. Install the db-derby database

  1. Go to the “bin” folder and double click “startNetworkServer.bat”

4. Make the connection between Eclipse and database

  1. From the top menu of Eclipse, Go to “Window”->”Open Perspective”->”Other…”->”Database Development”
  2. Right click on “Database connections” -> “New…” -> “Derby” -> Give it a name like “HibernateConnection”
  3. Specify Driver: Select “Derby Client JDBC Driver”
  4. Go to “Jar List” -> “Add Jar” –> Browse you drive to derby folder -> “lib” -> “derbyClient.jar”

5. Test the connection

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