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This video discusses:
• MVC and Model 2
• Architectural Design
• MVC Architecture
• Command Pattern
• Jakarta Struts
• More XML, Less Java!
• Action Mappings
• Struts Flow
• Struts Configuration Files
• JavaBeans in Struts
• Working with Forms
• Validation
• Presentation Technology
• Tiles

This video is part of the Introduction to Struts course which JSP and Servlet programmers learn how to build “Model-2” web applications using the Jakarta Struts project from Apache. Students will learn how to implement best practices in web application development through the use of the Struts architecture.

Course Prerequisites:
Familiarity with Java programming, servlets programming, JSP and JavaBeans; familiarity with Web page development (HTML and XML)

Course Objectives:
As a result of taking this Introduction to Struts online training, you will be able to:
• Develop and deploy applications to the Struts architecture.
• Use the Struts and JSP tag libraries to declaratively create pages with minimal coding.
• Perform internationalization (il8n) in Struts.
• Perform efficient input validation in Struts.
• Perform advanced configuration in Struts, such as role-based security and chained actions.





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