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Web content management system (CMS) DNN (the web CMS formerly known as DotNetNuke) has now announced DNN Evoq, a suite of applications to integrate social functionality into websites.

DNN Evoq features a web-based user interface with a single management console for creating and controlling functionality. It contains the Evoq Content application to add and edit content through a standard browser with no IT support.

This product also features Evoq Social, a piece of software that incorporates social community capabilities to integrate communities into corporate websites.

DNN has partnered with Microsoft to make Evoq available in the cloud on Azure. This presents a fully managed service with a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA); Evoq Social and Evoq Content can now support any and all frameworks via the Windows Azure platform.

NOTE: This brief news summary is thin due to the arguably marketing-heavy nature of the company’s official press statement. One imagines that DNN Evoq’s developer team and technology pedigree is far more substantial and worthy than some other departments.

“With Evoq, we’re [providing] a single destination for content, community, feedback, support, and interaction,” said Navin Nagiah, CEO and president, DNN.

DNN remains the steward of the DotNetNuke open source project, and DNN Evoq is built on the DotNetNuke Platform foundation. DNN will continue to actively manage and contribute to the open source project and community while providing commercial solutions for enterprises looking for comprehensive, out-of-the-box products.

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