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Last week, I spoke at the DogFood Conference 2012 in Columbus, OH on the topic of InfoPath, as well as on the new development features in SharePoint 2013. The DogFood Conference was a great event, with over 90 different sessions on all things Microsoft.

As I prepared this talk, I thought back to my last SharePoint Dev Features presentation, where I compared SP2007 with the new features of SP2010. My analysis now is that, while SP2010 was a huge leap forward from SP2007, SP2013 is more of a ‘somersault vault’ off of the vision that SP2010 started, in terms of maturing the development model and empowering the developer.

If you were to ask me to sum up my SharePoint 2013 Development presentation in 30 seconds, here’s what I’d say:

    Client-side development is the future of SharePoint development
    “Napa” is very kool (a lightweight browser-based version of Visual Studio that can be used to develop apps)
    Developers who complain about SharePoint development and refuse to participate are gonna run out of excuses thanks to the Provider-hosted deployment options
    With the new enhancements to the CSOM, is there any reason to create a farm solution anymore?
    The SharePoint App Store provides a potential new revenue stream for vendors

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