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Learn more about Java Standard Tag Library

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Java Standard Tag Library JSTL also known as Java Standard Tag Library is a collection of various tags for performing tasks like iteration, conditional checks, data formatting, localization etc. These tags are gath...

How to use the Logging API in Java programs

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1. Overview 1.1. Logging Logging is the process of writing log messages during the execution of a program to a central place. This logging allows you to report and persists error and warning messages a...

Create a Struts2 login page

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Welcome to this new Struts 2 tutorial, I'll try to show you how you can develop a Struts 2 Login Form. Step 1: Create a new dynamic project. Step 2: Add the struts 2 library in the lib directory of the dynamic w...

Test Driven Development and JUnit

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One of the big changes in software engineering, and part of the agile methodology shift, is Test Driven Development (TDD). This puts writing tests near the front of the development process, not at the end as in older ...

Overview of the available services of the Eclipse platform

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1. Eclipse platform services 1.1. What are Eclipse platform services? Services are software components (based on an interface or a class) which provide functionality. The Eclipse platform defines sever...

How to debug Android applications?

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1. Debugging Android applications 1.1. Android debuggable attribute in the AndroidManifest.xml If you develop Android applications you can debug them via Eclipse. To enable debugging an a real Android ...

Importance and role of OGNL and ValueStack in Struts2 Framework

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http://java9s.com In this session i have explained about the importance and role of OGNL and ValueStack in Struts2 Framework. i have explained how OGNL offers the expression language in form tags and type conversion....

Implement many to many relationship in hibernate

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Hibernate Many-to-many Relationships - Many to many example in Hibernate. In this example we have used xml metadata. Now we will learn many-to-many relationships. Let's try many-to-many example. The many-to-many ta...

Impact of new platforms such as NoSQL, DevOps, and the cloud on the future of Enterprise Java

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I'm going to talk about new challenges and approaches for and prints over mister if there are any questions feel free to ask me What I'm going to talk about is which challenges I C for enterprise Java in general and ...

Presentation of Spring framework

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In this video I'm going to talk about what Spring is and I'm going just talk briefly about the prerequisites that you need to follow the school's and were going lookup...

Quick presentation of JSF 2.2

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A very quick intro to the basic syntax of XHTML as used in JSF. Most JSF developers already know at least the basics of HTML; if you are one of them, skip this mini-tutorial entirely. This covers barebones syntax basi...

Struts tutorial Login Action

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In this example we will see how to create a login application using Struts.... The application will show a login page with username and password fields. A login button will be available. On click of the login button,...

Full HD Hibernate tutorial series [part 7] – Insert data into database

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public class TestEmployee{ public static void main(){ AnnotationConfiguration conf = new AnnotationConfiguration5-, conf.addAnnotatedClass(Employee.class); new SchemaExport(conf).create(true, true); ...

JSF Managed Bean

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Hey guys and let's get started with the tutorial: so in this tutorial we will discuss Managed Bean so how to create Managed Bean and how can a Java class interact with Java server faces? So first, let's create a ne...

Writing a Struts 2 Application

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Before we starts with our first Hello World Struts 2 Example, we will need few tools. 1. JDK 1.5 above 2. Tomcat 5.x above or any other container (Glassfish, JBoss, Websphere, Weblogic etc) 3. Eclipse 3.2.x above ...

JSF and Glassfish setup tutorial

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JavaServer Faces technology is a server-side component framework for building Java technology–based web applications. JavaServer Faces technology consists of the following: An API for representing components and...

Full HD Hibernate tutorial series [part 3] – Write hibernate.cfg.xml file

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Your hibernate.cfg.xml file should look like this <property name="hibernate.connection.driver_class"> org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver </property> <property name="hibernate.connection.url"> jdbc:...

Full HD Hibernate tutorial series [part 2] – Configure Eclipse with Hibernate

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1. Create a "User library" Using top menu click "Window" -> "Preferences" -> Type user -> "User Librairies" -> "New" Click "Add Jar" -> "DerbyClient.jar" Click "Add Jar" -> Select Hibernate J...

Implement one to one mapping with Hibernate

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A one-to-one association is similar to many-to-one association with a difference that the column will be set as unique. For example an address object can be associated with a single employee object.... Let us devel...

Full HD Hibernate tutorial series [part 4] – Create Employee class

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The Employee class should look like this @Entity public class Employee{ private int empId; private String empName; @Id public int getEmpId(){ return empId; } public void setEmpId(int empId){ ...

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