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I’m the father of AngularJS. I’m Brad Green, and I will play Angular’s manager today.
It’s what I do.
All right, so we wanted to take some time in front of you folks– thanks for coming, by the way– talking about what it is that drove us to build Angular.
Because we think, when people come and look at the Angular framework, a lot of times they see the features of Angular, and maybe we’re not very clear about what we meant.
When they come to see the features, they see what we call the three D’s– directives, dependency injection, and data-binding but we’re passionate about some very different things.
We just happened to arrive at these features along the way.
So Misko, why don’t you talk about what do you care the most about web development?
MISKO HEVERY: So web development, if you think about it, is all about getting data to the browser, and then back to the database.


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