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Kenny Goodman explains how to choose a domain name.

1) Keywords
Keywords are the cornestone.
Market research underpins everything

2) Domain Usage
How will you be attacking your niche?
Thiw will affect domain choice.
You can review your site by going to

3) Domain Age
You can use
For example, you can see in this page the “Registration Date” and “Expiration Date”.

4) Domain History
You can use

5) Domain Popularity
Rough estimates on and

6) Domain PageRank
Install Google tool bar.
Check for fakes!
To check for a fake domain, you should type in Google:

7) Domain Backlinks
Check on google
Check on Yahoo:

8) Indexed Pages
Google search

9) DMOZ / Yahoo! Directory Listings
Dmoz – Go to
Yahoo – Go to

10) Checking the domain does not contain Trademarked Terms
US is
Just search in local Google “trademark search”.



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